Kamado grills

Do you like freshly made food? Kamado is a European-recognized ceramic barbecue that will allow you to easily and quickly prepare a wide variety of food right in your backyard. Do you have a big family and a lot of friends? Not a problem! With the great Kamado – you’ll feed everyone!

Kamado barbecues, it’s grilling, stewing and smoking in one. And with a special tool, you can even easily make a real Neapolitan pizza that needs 400 degrees of heat.

Kamado History

The pioneers of Kamado are believed to be the Chinese, who used similar round, earthenware vessels. And this technology was perfected by the Japanese, who called this vessel Mushikamado. Translated from Japanese, KAMADO means “boiling place”. The Japanese used Mushikamado in special ceremonies to steam rice. After World War II, Mushikamado became of interest to Americans.